Scott J. Simon, PhD is a metadisciplinary scholar, musician, and poet located in Austin, Texas. He is a published author and composer with degrees in music, philosophy, information technology, and information science.

Dr. Simon has served on the faculty of the University of South Florida and San Jose State and presented at conferences both nationally and internationally.

His musical training includes classical and jazz guitar studies while earning his doctorate at the University of North Texas.  After graduating, Scott extended his music studies with post-doctoral work at the University of South Florida.

As a soloist, Scott has performed both regionally and nationally for over a decade.  His corporate clients include Ferrari Motors and KMFA Classical Radio.

Highlights in Scott's diverse career in music include the publication of his dissertation on improvisation, and his featured presentation at the UNESCO 3rd International Music Council World Forum on Music in Tunis, Tunisia.

Scott is also a devoted volunteer and active member of the Austin Classical Guitar Society (ACG).

As an educator, Scott builds technique & repertoire through music literacy, followed with core fundamentals, inspired musical intuition, and creative self-discovery.

Scott currently teaches in-person at his guitar studio in Austin, Texas or online (Zoom).

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